The Smart Choice for Van or RV – NCE

Smart Television

You might not think you’d spend a great deal of time watching TV when you’re caravanning but none of us want to miss out on the series we are streaming at any given time. That’s why a NCE 32” Smart TV is the perfect TV to have in your van.

This full HD LED TV is capable of running off 24 and 12 volts of power and is warrantied for caravan and RV use. This means it can put up with the rigours of travelling in a caravan or RV, something a “normal” TV might not be capable of doing.

Check out the full range of NCE TVs via their website.

Air Conditioning

One of the things most of us have come to expect when travelling is that we have the comforts of home with us. Air conditioning is a big one. We’re often going to the warmest climate in the country on our travels and while we love the feel of the warm sun on our skin, I for one want to be comfortable after that sun.

This is where NCE and their Gree, the world’s largest air conditioner manufacturer comes in. Their 2.5KW and 3.5KW Rooftop Air Conditioners are compact and easy to run.

Check out the range at NCE’s Home & RV website below.

NCE Website