The durable and versatile Ozpig

Take it fishing, camping or use it in your own backyard, the Ozpig is a true blue Aussie invention equally at home in the outback as it is in your backyard. The simplicity and versatility of the Ozpig make travelling, camping and cooking more enjoyable all year round.

With a strong concept that just works, plus the ongoing addition of useful accessories for different lifestyles along the way, the Ozpig is a unique, multipurpose cooker that offers convenience and endless cooking options. More flexible than a BBQ, the Ozpig can be used for baking, chargrilling, deep-frying, wok cooking, rotisserie roasting or just boiling the kettle for a cuppa, plus is a piece of camping equipment can be used at home, so you can feel like you are camping all the time! The Ozpig can also be used as an open fire and a versatile heater on your next outdoor adventure.

You can find out more about the Ozpig plus the range of accessories currently available, or keep an eye out for new products by heading over to

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