The Diesel Difference

Technology has driven diesel engine design, especially in the last 20 years. Think of a Hilux from 1986 and compare it to a 2019 model. What a difference in performance! Electronics and turbochargers have been the main contributors to power and torque outputs more than double what they used to be for the same engine displacement.

Having said that, you’ve probably found yourself wishing for better performance from your modern diesel, especially when towing. The good news is that with technology has come the ability to improve the performance by optimising tuning through the electronic control system. This can be done safely if you choose a quality tuning system with a sound history. That system is Steinbauer.

A 20% increase in Power and Torque is a realistic expectation for most modern 4WD’s and SUV’s. In some cases more than 20% is achievable but it’s the level that Steinbauer is happy with. This will provide a noticeable improvement you can feel every time you drive the vehicle and will not only vastly improve the vehicles ability to tow but may even result in an improvement in fuel economy when towing.

Steinbauer Performance Modules feature:

  • Safety cutback programming that slowly reduces the performance enhancement under sustained high output situations. This protects your engine.
  • Vehicle safety parameters and diagnostic codes remain in place.
  • Fully programmable with dedicated software.
  • Trimming adjustment possible by owner.
  • Plug-in installation using original connectors.
  • Robust module design – moisture, dust, vibration resistant.
  • No increase in common rail fuel pressure.
  • ECU programming not changed, all adjustments made “downstream”.
  • On / off switch can be fitted.
  • Easily disconnected and removed from the engine to revert to standard.
  • Module can be removed when the vehicle is sold so the module itself can be resold to recoup some cost.
  • Three year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee – your money back if you’re not completely happy.

To find out more chat with the experienced team at Diesel Care on 1800 880 150 or visit their website: