Terrific Toilet Sanitation Tips from Camec

Although you might find a lot of caravans now come with a toilet inside, if you are free camping or find yourself without a toilet, Camec has the product for you. Camec’s portable toilets come in 10 litre and 20 litre options with a top tank, and a bottom tank.

To set up the Portable Toilet, the bottom tank is to be filled up with 2litres of water and a sanitiser to assist with the breakdown of waste, similarly to a caravan toilet. To make sure waste is broken down effectively and hygienically, it is important to consider an appropriate sanitiser. Walex sanitisers come in sachets and are particularly good for transport as they do not spill, or you could try the Thetford AquaChem which comes in a liquid format.

When it comes to cleaning out the tank, you might consider using a dissolvable toilet tissue to avoid any messy situations. Most caravan parks have septic tank facilities to empty your tank. If you are using the Camec portable toilet, it is as easy as taking the tank out, undoing the cap and disposing of the waste.

For a great range of toilet sanitation products and Portable Toilets, make sure you head to www.camec.com.au for more information.