Tegstove’s easy on-the-go multi-purpose gas stove

Portable, easy to use and unique, Tegstove is a portable gas stove like no other. Excellent cooking performance and unique patent pending technology combined with innovative mobile device charging capabilities, you can cook meals, make a hot drink, charge your devices and store energy all with the one unit wherever you are.

Tegstove uses a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) to produce an electrical current. Whilst TEG technology is not new, the Tegstove portable gas camping stove uses an innovative method which produces a stable, constant and controlled source of warmth to the cylinder ensuring constant gas pressure is maintained.

The innovative Tegstove also let’s you charge your mobile phone, GPS, tablets, GO-Pro or any other device with a standard USB port. It’s easy to use and more cost efficient to run than conventional portable gas stoves as it uses standard butane gas cylinders instead of expensive mix gas solutions. The adjustable high strength support legs maximises stability even on uneven surfaces and also incorporates an automatic gas shut off system for ultimate safety.

With a self-sufficient charging system, there’s no need to carry a solar panel, battery pack and separate stove which makes the Tegstove perfect for lots of applications from camping and 4-wheel-driving to boating. The internal battery start’s recharging the moment you light it.

For more on what makes Tegstove different visit www.tegology.com

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