RV WiFi – Stay Connected

Phone boxes used to be plentiful, but now, if you travel 100 klms you are lucky to find one. Staying in touch with family and friends, especially when travelling,RV WiFi unit is a necessity these days, and, apart from mobile phones, technology has advanced even further in the world of computers, IPads, Tablets and a host of other gadgetry, which has advanced itself into RV’s.

Many people I see at caravan parks, or off road, use mobile phones to call friends or text them. At caravan parks, nearly every kid has an I Pad or a Tablet, and while a lot use them only to play games, the older ones like to keep in touch with their friends on facebook sharing their holiday experiences. Many caravan parks do not have free WiFi, and some do have WiFi but, at a cost.

While there are a lot of places that are connected to WiFi, it was only a matter of time before it was made available in RV’s. We are the best country in the world for Motorhome and RV touring, and now you can keep the family and friends up to date with your latest adventure, entertain the kids in and around your RV WF 3caravan and even in the car thanks to RV WiFi.

The first ‘RV WiFi’ was launched in a Nova caravan at Melbourne’s RV Super Show earlier this year by founder and Director Ross Irvine. The RV WiFi unit is easily mounted in various spots in your RV, and comes complete with a 30 days 2Gb pre loaded Telstra 4G dongle, and all you need to do is plug it in and you are connected. Kids can even connect in the back seat of the car while you are moving, so there is relief from boredom all round.

RV WIFI solution includes hardware and software has been created and assembled systems that are familiar in any typical household. RV Wi-Fi has developed its Router software with Caravanning Australians in mind, offering a superior alternative to satellite Wi-Fi in terms of cost and speed. You no longer need to miss out on the simplicities that Wi-Fi offers due to exorbitant costs as this alternative speaks for itself.RV WF 2

Developed specifically for the Australian RV community, the RV WiFi hotspot is purpose built to provide you with quality WiFi reception no matter where you are or where you’re going. The roof mounted antenna is ‘Omni directional’ and is basically ‘set and forget’, meaning you don’t have to mess around with set up no matter where you are. The unit is also wired into 12V and if you have solar on your RV there is no need for charging. If you are at a caravan park that offers free WiFi then simply switch your unit off and take advantage of their generous offer.

“We think in the 21st century you should be able to use Wi-Fi whilst you are away like you do at home – always powered on, Wi-Fi range of 50m or more, no silly limits like 5 devices, something that works with all the devices you would use at home all with no RV WF 1ongoing contracts. You no longer need to miss out on the simplicities that Wi-Fi offers due to exorbitant costs, this alternative speaks for itself”, Ross Irvine told Whats Up Downunder.

While RV WiFi has a FAQ section, we thought we post the answers to the three most asked questions you may have:-

Do you have to sign up to a mobile phone contract?

No, RV WIFI comes with pre-paid internet, so you only pay for the time/data you use, and have nothing to pay when you are at home – between adventures

Does it work everywhere?

RV WIFI works with the Telstra Mobile network, and whilst coverage is not everywhere, the antenna and RV WIFI specially developed router software means that coverage will extend to most places most people will take their caravan or motorhome.

Does RV Wifi work with streaming video services such as You Tube or NetFlix?

Yes, it has been tested with two concurrent movies for two different iPads whilst moving on the road and did not skip a beat. –Note each movie can use between 500MB – 1GB of data.

When purchasing your caravan, there are 15 RV manufacturers who can install RV WiFi into your RV and these can be found on the RV WiFi website at www.rvwifi.com.au. What are you waiting for? Head off and go make some memories and share these with your relatives and friends thanks to RV WiFi.

Written by John Westbury