REDARC’s Tow-Pro Elite

The REDARC Tow-Pro Elite electronic brake controller offers two selectable types of braking, so you can choose the braking style based on road or terrain conditions, type of vehicle, or driver preference. It’s simple to install and use, making your life on and off the road safe and easy!

The Automatic Proportional Mode senses the inertia of your vehicle, meaning that whether you are braking soft and slow, or braking hard, so will the trailer. This essentially allows your car and trailer to brake together as one so you don’t have to worry about the trailer pushing or pulling your car when you brake.

The User Controlled Mode applies the trailer brakes to the level set by the user. So your trailer will behave exactly as expected whenever the vehicle brakes are applied and works independently of the vehicle’s brakes. Redarc‘s Tow-Pro Elite is designed and manufactured in Australia, with Australian conditions and you in mind.

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