REDARC Has A Brand New Charger To Keep You Going

REDARC has proudly introduced the new, bigger, more powerful 12-volt dual input 50amp In-vehicle battery charger; the BCDC1250D.

Styled with a red line running down its back tells you there’s something different about this dual battery charger. A 50-amp charging output makes it the most powerful in REDARC’s BCDC range. It has been designed to charge all major lead-acid batteries, it also includes a lithium (LiFeP04) charging profile.

The BCDC1250D has been developed to provide a higher current output, it features an additional charging stage known as Soft Start which has been engineered so that it can handle more demanding applications.

To find out more about the 50amp in-vehicle battery charger, check out Issue 25 of the What’s Up Downunder Digital Magazine here.