Quality products for your van from Thetford

As the world market leader in mobile sanitary systems, refrigerators, cooking equipment and toilet additives, Thetford are continuously developing quality, safe and environmentally friendly products as well as providing expert advice and support to make sure your caravan, camping and travelling experience is carefree.

The two latest innovations Thetford has recently introduced to the Australian market include their T1090 90L Compressor Fridge and the 353 Combination Unit. The compact fridge features a strong 12V compressor, which results in a powerful but efficient cooling performance. The T1090 offers a standard day mode and a special night mode that halves the energy consumption, plus halves the noise level produced by the fridge. Additionally, the T1090 Compressor Fridge features a unique back venting system increasing the cooling performance thanks to the separation of hot and cold air. The ventilation is integrated which means that external vents are not required and also means no more dust. The combination of features creates a fridge that is powerful, efficient, environmentally friendly and quiet.

The Thetford 353 Combination Unit is the perfect space saver, as it has both a 7.5L sink and 3 gas burners combined in one convenient unit plus a split glass lid providing extra workspace when you are cooking or washing up. The sleek design, use of stainless steel and removable pan rests makes cooking on the road as homelike as possible. The 353 Combination Unit is also perfect as a slide out kitchen and comes with a standard 3 year warranty

For more information on these products or to check out any of the other great products in the Thetford range visit thetford.com.au

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