Planning that Big Trip…..How do you get your mail?

Thinking of going away? There are a few basics that you need to do no matter where in the world you are going. One of those basics is dealing with your mail, the sort that comes to your letterbox.

You could ask a family member or one of your neighbours to collect it for you and keep it until you get home – whenever that will be. But what happens if they go away, or simply run out of time? Your important mail sits there. That account that needs paying is left – unpaid. The good news is unknown. What happens if you are way off the beaten track, and the kids are set up with Distant Education?

The answer is simple, you need to link up with Landbase Australia The Mail Forwarding Service. With over 21 year’s experience in forwarding mail to travelers, they know how to make sure that your mail is safe and delivered to you, anywhere in the world. They are your PERSONAL POSTIE.

It’s very easy to arrange:
Step 1: Contact Landbase Australia to set up your account
Step 2: Put a mail forwarding arrangement in place with the Post Office to have your mail forwarded to Landbase Australia
Step 3: When you know you will be in a certain place for a few days, phone, SMS or email Landbase Australia with the details of where you will be, or compile a list of places and dates where you will be to schedule your mail
Step 4: Landbase Australia will then forward all the mail they have collected to that point to you, according to your instructions

Landbase Australia clients include Backpackers, Caravanners, Campervanners, Yachties, Defence Force personnel, ExPats, Musicians, Entertainers, Travelling Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, and Students. In fact, any ‘gypsy traveller’ who requires a single, stable address while on-the-move. Landbase Australia is your PERSONAL POSTIE!

It’s a very totally reliable, efficient and secure service. Landbase Australia literally is your ‘base’ on ‘land’, for all your mail forwarding needs. Check out the Testimonials on their website or take a look at their Facebook page today.