Park your van by remote control

Angie Hilton demonstrates the Optitec V3 lets you move your van independently into tight spaces. 

Pulling in at home after a long haul? Forgo the stress of reversing the van into a tight spot with the Optitec V3 caravan mover–operated by remote control, as Angie Hilton demonstrates for What’s Up Downunder.

Developed and honed over many years, Optitec V3 is a powerful and easy-to-use system that lets you uncouple the van and move it independently in a controlled manner from any angle.

Simply attach the Optitec V3 Remote Control Caravan and Trailer Jockey Wheel to the drawbar instead of the jockey wheel.

Lots of Power 

One of the great things about the Optitec V3 is the quality of the motor. Offering plenty of torque, it operates smoothly without worry–thanks to over current protection that protects it from motor burnout. Optitec V3 also features over current protection, which means you safely connect it to your caravan or boat’s auxiliary battery without damaging the unit or your vehicle’s power system. While the dynamic brake stops it from overheating as you bring it to a halt.

Heavier vans, no problem 

Heavier vans are no problem for the Optitec V3. In fact, it can support 350kg of ball weight and when used with a dual clamp set available for your luxury van’s drawbar, you can safely and remotely move a vehicle weighing up to 3500kg on a flat hard surface.

Despite its power, the Optitec V3 weighs just 22kg, with a new padlocking lug that provides nifty protection against theft.