No nonsense with NCE’s new products!

The team at NCE are always coming up with something new to make life easier on the road, including their brand new Reversing Camera, Wifi modem and No-Power Lights.
NCE’s new Reverse Camera connects to a 12 volt connection that is automatically powered with your car; when your caravan connects to your car it turns on, and when the power is disconnected it automatically turns off. To make life even easier, the reverse camera even can be monitored through an app on your smart device!
Similar to the reverse camera is the Wifi Modem which also easily connects to a 12 volt DC power in your caravan. However, it does need 240W power to connect, it will still run of a dongle or a sim and will keep you connected with its 4G aerials!
Last but certainly not least, the ‘No-Power’ lights are powered by kinetic switchig, meaning there is no batteries or power to your switch needed! Every time the lights are turned on and off it creates its own energy- you will never have to replace any batteries or wire it to your caravan. Also connecting to a bluetooth reciever, the ‘No-Power’ lights can run up to 120 lights on the same circuit…the ultimate no nonsense caravan lighting!
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