New LED Light Kits with Wireless Kinetic Switch

NCE is pleased to announce the release of their new LED light kits with
Wireless Kinetic Switches and Plug and Play installation.
These new kits offer both the RV manufacturer along with anyone who is
looking to install LED lights into their RV a better way.

The NCE LED Light kits are available in Cool White or Warm White LED
light variants in 2 light kits or 4 light kits. But what sets these kits apart is
the plug and play system that is supplied with each kit.

Simply connect the receiver that is supplied with each kit to the power
supply, and then plug one end into the supplied distribution block, and
then all the lights required simply plug into the distribution block. It is as
simple as that. No crimping, no fiddly connections, simply plug and play.

Once the LED lights have been installed, you just turn the lights on and
off as required using the ingenious Kinetic powered light switch. Each kit
is supplied with a light switch that is pre-paired with the kits receiver.

The Kinetic Light switch requires no batteries, no power wiring. It creates
its own energy so will never run out of power.
And the light switch has a range of up to 50 metres, so you can take the
light switch with you and when you return, switch on the lights to find
your way safely back to your RV.

The NCE Kinetic Light Switch also has a kit available where you can
purchase a 2-gang switch and 2 receivers. This will allow you to connect
any 12VDC on/off unit in your RV, and with a simple click of a switch,
turn those products or appliances on and off remotely.

Light switch covers come with standard white surrounds, but silver and
black surrounds can be purchased separately.
2x LED light kits – $99.00
4x LED light kits – $119.00
Switch and 2x receiver kit – $99.00
Silver or Black switch caps – $14.95

To find out more about the new NCE LED Light Kits with Kinetic Switch,
visit or speak to your RV dealer or favourite RV
products distributor.