The New Evolution Waeco CFX Range

Dometic, the world leaders in portable cooling, launch the CFX75DZW portable fridge/freezer; an evolution of its predecessors that is designed for excellent cooling performance in the harshest Australian conditions.

The Waeco CFX range of portable refrigerators revolutionised mobile living for campers and the CFX75DZW only further enhances the experience. The latest WiFi technology has been included in CFX75DZW units, allowing you to control or monitor the temperature of your unit remotely. Whether you’d like to check the temperature of your fridge during a long 4WD trip, or if you’ve gotten into bed after a long day of exploring, only to realise you’ve forgotten to turn off the cooler; you can simply control the unit from your smart device via the Dometic CFX App.

It has inherited all of the great features you’ve come to expect with Dometic portable fridges. The CFX75DZW features improved Variable Motor Speed Optimisation, which enables the compressor to optimise the
cooling speed of the unit through automatic selection between ’soft start’ and ’turbo’ modes. This clever feature ensures that the temperature you set is reached faster and keeps your food and drinks cool more efficiently.

The fridge freezer features two separate cooling compartments, allowing greater flexibility while on the road. Due to its low power consumption, the CFX75DZW is also ideal for use with a solar panel.

In addition to the genuine Waeco compressor, the CFX75DZW also boasts robust lid latches and hinges, strong factory fitted, spring loaded handles and a USB charging port.

The interior of the CFX75DZW is equipped with crisp LED lighting with a hidden magnetic switch for on/off function upon opening and closing. The evaporator plates are flush mounted, which makes for easy cleaning in addition to drain plugs in both compartments. Two baskets are included, with the larger basket featuring a removable divider.

The Waeco Fridge Freezer would not be complete without accessories to maximise its use. Accessories include the new CFX-IC75 insulated cover for protection and added insulation, and the CFX-SLD75 fridge slide for in-car safety and access to your fridge. Power solutions such as a remote battery pack, wiring kit and solar panels are also available to make the most of your fridge/freezer, wherever you are.

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