New Battery Management System by BMPRO

BMPRO is pleased to announce the release of their new battery management system J35D. Available exclusively for Jayco, it is an exciting addition to the JHub System.

BMPRO’s JHub System is an app-driven power management system that controls the on-board features of a Jayco caravan or motorhome from a tether-free Android tablet using the latest in Bluetooth connectivity, while managing incoming power, battery charging, tank levels and more. It also controls on-board features such as lights, the van’s slide-out, hot water and water pumps.

J35D teamed with the JHub System is a lithium compatible battery management system. It allows to monitor the status of your caravan’s house battery, ensuring it will last longer and will optimally utilise its features.

J35D has a charging current up to 15A in bulk and 30A in boost mode.  Multistage charger with boost, bulk, absorption and float charging models can be adjusted to variety of battery chemistries, from wide spectre of lead acid to the latest technology in lithium LiFePO4. The higher charge rate means faster charging of your LiFePO4 battery or multiple Lead Acid batteries.  

Jayco is highly respected within the Australian Caravan industry for leading with innovation and delivering the best value-for-money to their customers. So when we worked with them to build something that would dramatically improve their customers’ adventures, we were ecstatic that it evolved into the JHub System” – says BMPRO CEO Louise Bayliss.

BMPRO is the leading Australian brand of power management solutions for RV industry. Manufactured by Setec Pty Ltd, Melbourne based company with 50 years’ experience in power solutions, BMPRO draws its inspiration from the great Australian outdoors. With over 150,000 units installed in caravans in motorhomes, BMPRO is number one in RV power management. For more information, check out  

Jayco is Australia’s most recognised brand of recreational vehicles and a great success story of Australian manufacturing. Jayco attributes its success to innovative product range and nationwide dealer network, and has a reputation for combining quality and value for money. Learn more about Jayco at

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