NCE DCX Power Platform

Want more power off-grid? NCE’s new solution could revolutionise camping in your current RV

Gaining full access to our caravan’s electrical devices off-the-grid may seem like a pipe-dream. Or, more significantly, ditching our dependence on gas. But the reality is closer than we think, with NCE delivering a ‘plug and play’ solution that can entirely overhaul power systems on selected new and existing caravans. Let’s find out more.

Equal to a Power Pole 

Together, NCE and OzXcorp bring to market the DCX Power Platform comprising a high power battery bank in a choice of two capacities–14.3kWh or 7.1kWh–that links to a 5kW 240V AC inverter/charger and solar system, scalable to 4kW.

Astonishingly, power delivery is comparable to a caravan park power outlet, pushing out up to 100Ah of 12V DC, enough to power a washing machine, dryer or air-conditioning off-the-grid for hours between charges.

Great Track-Side Cred 

Although installed by an electrician, the DCX Power Platform is self-contained, so there’s no tampering required during installation per the draft legislation, AS/NZS 3001.2. You can also swap parts trackside in an emergency.

The battery array sits within the chassis, away from the living quarters which is considered best practice according to AS/NZS 5139:2019.

The battery management controls are within easy reach, though, via a colour touch screen display.

Tamper Proof 

Safety is at the forefront of the system’s design with aerosol extinguishers protecting each individual battery. And there are over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, under-temperature safeguards both at the system and cell level. What’s more, the whole set-up is tamper proof, DC power plugs are automotive grade and both battery pack sizes feature crush zones in case of impact.

The DCX Power Platform is even submersible, with a IP67 waterproof rating for those unanticipated creek crossings. Check out the details below.