NCE Announces New Service and Repair Network

NCE has just launched what could be the most comprehensive Service and Repair network coverage in the Australian RV industry.

NCE has commenced an exclusive aftersales product service and repair partnership agreement with one of Australia’s leading agencies, Install and Fix Solutions.

Partnering with NCE, Install & Fix Solutions will oversee their particular area of expertise for NCE being electrical, white goods and brown goods for both the NCE RV and Commercial products, allowing for Australia wide service for NCE products still under warranty or where RV owners are in need of assistance.

Install and Fix Solutions boast a service agency network of over 1700
qualified, certified and insured repairers that are located in all corners
and area’s of Australia. Specialising in electrical, white goods and air
conditioning maintenance, Install and Fix Solutions will coordinate with NCE customer service staff to assist RV owners, dealers and
manufacturers to quickly assess and resolve product or installation
issues that may arise. This service will also extend to repair and
replacement services at the request of the caravan owner.

So now when buying, using or installing an NCE branded or distributed product in your RV, you can rest assured that you have the peace of mind of more than 1700 qualified, accredited and insured service and repair experts on hand, coordinated through NCE and Install & Fix offices in Melbourne and Brisbane.

And for non NCE branded or distributed products, Install and Fix
Solutions service agents can be contacted through the company’s direct line if you have the need for quick, reliable service.

NCE is pleased to now offer a fully comprehensive service to the RV
industry to ensure that one aspect of your holiday is being looked after.

To find out more about NCE, NCE Commercial or SPS Corporation, visit