Towing safer with MSA 4X4 dual-purpose mirrors, compatible with your vehicle’s smarts

Bored of pre-trip tasks? Why not check out these dual-purpose mirrors from MSA 4X4?

Here, Will Campbell explains to Macca the benefits of MSA 4X4’s new touring mirror range–that double as driving mirrors on your daily commute.

“It starts off to replace your standard mirror as a driving mirror,” says Will. 

“It will be about the same width to your standard one, and then it will extend into three different positions.”

Check out our video below to see them in action.



According to Will, these mirrors are direct replacements for your current model vehicles.

“So if you have blind spot monitoring, you will need to select a mirror with blind spot monitoring,” says Will.

“It’s not adding features to your vehicle it’s just replacing the features you currently have.”