Introducing: ClearView Compact

One set of mirrors for all conditions, for more tow vehicles great and small.

Towing rigs come in all shapes and sizes, with some vehicles serving double duty as a daily drive. But whether you are driving a 4WD, sedan or cab-chassis, you absolutely need good quality mirrors offering a complete view of your tow-rig side to your RV’s rear.

With this in mind, Clearview has introduced the Compact, a line of permanently-fixed mirrors that adjust with retractable arms, suitable for service vehicles and smaller vehicles as well.

Convex Mirror 

The line-up provides a large single convex mirror and extendable arms as an additional range to Clearview’s popular Next Gen Mirrors. Different from the Next Gen mirrors’ large flat top glass and lower convex, the Compact’s single mirror is convex to give you great vision.

That means more drivers than ever before can tow one day and drive unhitched the next safely using the very same set of mirrors.


Like Clearview’s Original and Next Gen Mirror range, all Compact models are vehicle specific, offering a true OEM replacement. So, whether your OEM side mirrors have indicators, are fitted with demisters or 360° cameras, the right Compact mirror replacements will offer the same features. Like most of Clearview’s other range of mirrors, the Compact will have the option of manual or power fold mirror bases.

Current Models 

Currently, the Compact is available for more than 12 different vehicles, including current Hilux, Ranger, Landcruiser 200 and DMax models, with more models rolling out monthly.

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