Hummingbird Electronics release Audio Alert System

Hummingbird Electronics is proud to announce the release of their 16 Channel Audio Alert System (HMMP3016). It has been designed to provide vehicle operators clear and precise verbal voice alerts when an input trigger has been detected.

We have all experienced the flashing of lights, symbols and buzzers on our dashboards before which can often be a confusing and intimidating experience trying to work out what message the alarm or symbol is trying to communicate. The Audio Alert System takes away the guess-work, ultimately improving safety and reliability by turning these symbols and warnings into a clear verbal readout.

Examples of what the unit can be customised to read include;

  • Low Coolant Level
  • Low Oil Pressure
  • High Engine Temperature
  • Door Open
  • Tailgate-Open
  • Over-Speed Detected
  • Please Apply Seatbelt
  • Low Battery Voltage
  • Head Lights On
  • Please Apply Handbrake
  • Trailer Detected

The HMMP3016 has been designed with 16 input channels which can be prioritised on installation, allowing critical alarms to override low priority messages. Each channel contains a saved audio filename that allows for customised configuration, some of which include positive and negative input triggers, the number of times the recorded message is repeated, message volume and a timed delay before triggering if required.

It comes supplied with 16 pre-installed sound files and also features an SD Card Slot which enables users to load their own sound files. The unit is compatible with most common sound formats including MP3, WAV, OGG, MP2 and WMA. An in-built amplifier relays messages via an 8-ohm speaker, however, there is a line-out connection which can be extended to an external amplifier or PA system.

The unit features a wide input voltage (9-36 volts) which enables it to be used in a wide range of both 12 and 24V vehicles, making it the perfect application for cars, trucks, buses and other heavy machinery.

Like all Hummingbird Electronics products, the Audio Alert System is enclosed in rugged aluminium housing offering moisture and dust protection, so ensuring optimum performance across all of the diverse environments that our country offers.

Designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest standards of quality, it will provide many years of reliable service and is backed up with a two-year, comprehensive warranty.

To find out more about the 16 Channel Audio Alert System and many other safety-focused products for vehicles and machinery, please visit the Hummingbird Electronics website at or contact them directly by calling 1300 155 541 or email

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