Have you checked your RV water level? Try the Dipper by BMPRO

The range of innovative products coming out of BMPRO like the Dipper keeps amazing me. Home of innovative powering solutions, BMPRO has a digital water level indicator that gives an accurate reading of the water levels in the fresh and grey water tanks on recreational vehicles, camper trailers and boats.

Boasting easy installation into the side of your existing water tanks (plastic and metal), and comprising no moving parts, the ‘Dipper’ is a sensor designed for use with the suite of BMPRO displays that have tank levels (i.e. Trek, Drifter, Jhub, Odyssey). It is also compatible with a range of aftermarket tank level indicators.

The BMPRO dipper is easy to install


Water is slightly conductive and the Dipper uses this to sense water levels. Coming in five and seven metre cable lengths, it needs to be connected to a detector (such as a Trek or other detectors) to display levels.

The Dipper also has five nodes to sense water levels, with the last node being ‘Ground’. As the water fills up, the water connects each node to Ground. By counting the number of nodes connected through the water to Ground, the system can determine the depth of the water in the tank.

The BMPRO Dipper uses the water's natural conductivity to measure the water in your caravan's tanks

The BMPRO Dipper uses the water’s natural conductivity to measure the water in your caravan’s tanks



So, what are the Dipper’s main benefits, as opposed to other water level indicators?
(1) Easy and flexible to install or replace: The Dipper has a waterproof connector near the tank, so that the installer can install the sensor on the tank and wire the caravan separately and if required replace the Dipper without having to extract the wires through the wall. 

(2) Quick install in tank: The Dipper only requires a single hole to be drilled near the top of the tank, greatly reducing labour required for installation.

(3) Common connector on the display end of the harness: Can be used not only on BMPRO products but also other detectors on the market.

(4) Comes in three sizes with cable length of 2.5m, 5m, 7.5m

Dipper is available through BMPRO recommended retailers https://teambmpro.com/bmpro-stockist/  and online https://teambmpro.com/product-category/rv-accessories/ 

Reviewed by John Westbury