Ensuring your safety with AL-KO Electronic Stability Control

Ensure you and your passenger’s safety on the road with AL-KO Electronic Stability Control (ESC). The AL-KO ESC is an electronic module that mounts underneath the floor of your caravan. It assists in maintaining stability in general towing conditions, as well as in an emergency avoidance manoeuvre by monitoring and detecting critical lateral movements.

In the case of emergency avoidance manoeuvres, for example, swerving to avoid a car or animal on the road ahead, AL-KO ESC helps you gain stability and control as quickly as possible by applying all brakes on the caravan simultaneously as soon as a dangerous sideways movement is detected, bringing your caravan back under your control.

AL-KO ESC is designed and made in Australia for Australian conditions, to keep you safe in critical towing situations.

To find out more about the ESC go to alkoesc.com.au or visit gomakesomememories.com.au for more hints and tips.