Daewoo Mini Washer & Dryer Combo

Daewoo is at the forefront of innovation, releasing its latest variation of their popular Mini wall mountable front load washing machine. Now introducing the Daewoo Mini Combo Washer & Dryer, a compact washing machine that will not only wash but also dry your laundry.

This premium washing machine is not only stylish and sleek in design, but also extremely space-saving, perfectly suited for space poor areas such as caravans, apartments, or even hotel rooms.

Now with a 2.5kg washing capacity and 1kg drying capacity, you can be done with your laundry completely from wash to dry with a single touch of a button.

The innovative emerald shaped drum provides a powerful yet gentle washing performance. The mini can wash delicate & sensitive clothes such as blouses, high-quality knitwear, even lingerie and stockings as gently as hand-washed.

Powerful jets spray water into every corner of the drum, along with powerful spinning to thoroughly remove detergent residue. This function not only enhances pre-washing and rinsing performance, but also keeps the drum clean and hygienic.

The transparent door and child safe mechanism adds convenience and safety besides being compact and durable.

To find out more about the new Daewoo Mini Combo Washer & Dryer, visit www.homeandrv.com.au or speak to your RV dealer or favourite RV products distributor.

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