Cool off outdoors with the rechargeable iceO CUBE at Award RV

Chill out under the awning with the iceO CUBE thanks to Award RV Superstore, spotted at the Victorian Supershow



Heat setting in at camp? No need to burrow away indoors, with the nifty Fan-tastic iceO CUBE available at Award RV Superstore.

The iceO Cube is a rechargeable, go-anywhere evaporative cooler with a grab handle that offers up to four hours of heat relief indoors or out.

During our tour of the Victorian Supershow, Rod Francis shows Caravan Industry News’ own Macca just how easy it is to use.

Charging and powering up on the road is a cinch, too, with 12/240V power adapters for continuous operation.

Of course, if you’re looking for a bit more cooling power the team at Award RV Superstore have plenty of air-coolers and solutions with climate control.

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