Cook your food on-the-go with GoSun

With innovative fuel-free products that make for easy, fast and delicious meals using solar energy, GoSun is your go-to for practical and efficient cooking on your next adventure.

GoSun is an American Company, which begun when founder Patrick Sherwin was working in the Caribbean in the Solar Industry and realised he could cook his food inside a solar water-heating tube, he decided to turn it into a product that is not only innovative but is sustainable and easy to use. One of these products is the GoSun Grill, a fuel-free cooker which can bake, boil or fry a meal for eight people using only the sun. You can cook everything from meat and veggies to soup and bread and can even make a nice cup of tea or coffee using GoSun products.

Always looking for new and innovative ways to develop their products, GoSun already allows you to cook on a cloudy day, but has plans to electrify some of their products by storing the heat from the sun into a lithium battery and release that so you can actually even cook after dark.

Keep an eye out and stay up to date with Go Sun products, or to get your own, check out their exclusive Australian distributor


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