Caravanning with kids, helping kids unplug while travelling.

The team from the award-winning online platform Caravanning with Kids is on a
mission to help mums, dads and children ‘disconnect to reconnect’ during family
adventures. And CWK’s best selling Travel Journal — designed to capture holiday
memories — is here to help.

Today’s fast paced, hyper-connected world means people stay ‘plugged in’ 24/7, even
when travelling. According to a recent National Child Health Poll*, the average
Australian child spends 32 hours a week, looking at a screen. On family holidays, this
figure can blow out when parents hand children a tablet or smartphone to keep them
occupied. Screen-based activities are a quick, easy option to nip the whinging complaints
of bored children in the bud. But the health impacts of too much screen time for kids are
serious, including vision problems, disrupted sleep and effects on mood and mental health.
Designed and printed in Australia, the TWK Travel Journal is the brainchild of Travelling
with Kids co-founders Adele and Wayne Dyson. With 92 lined journal pages and space
to stick photos and draw pictures, the journal was originally created for their own kids —
to help them build holiday memories, unplug and reflect on their adventures at the end of
a busy day.
“Screen time has its place, especially on long haul flights and extended road trips. But
family holidays are a great opportunity to change bad screen habits, especially at the end
of the day,” says Adele Dyson. “If you take away the screen, kids look for something else
to do, so it’s important, to plan alternative activities. And that’s where our Travel Journal
comes in.”
The Travel Journal is perfect for weekend escapes or extended adventures on the road,
family cruises, international jaunts, or even school holiday sleepovers. The ultimate,
unplugged activity for kids, they help kids ‘re-set’ after a busy day of adventure, are
perfect for filling in time on transport, at cafes and those long queues for galleries and
museums. And so much more:

  • Journalling helps build memories. By writing and drawing in journals, kids relive the events of the day in their head and recall the best bits. A journal entry is a piece of personal history. And once a trip ends, the journal provides a priceless keepsake on the bookshelf — filled with little histories to read and share for years to come. Great for school Show and Tell.
  • Journalling helps develop writing and storytelling skills. It’s little wonder teachers love them so much. Just like sports stars, musicians and actors, practicing skills leads to performance improvement.
  • Journalling helps kids process events. When travelling, kids experience new things every single day. Journalling gives them a quiet space to go over these events, offering a much needed ‘re-set button’, while encouraging mindfulness. It’s the perfect way to unplug and unwind together as a family.
  • Journalling is a creative outlet and it’s not just about the writing. Kids can draw, cut and paste saved tickets, souvenirs and postcards. Small treasures from nature can be collected and stuck in too. Using a journal as a log of new things is a great way to get kids writing if they are overwhelmed by lots of words — lists of animals spotted, different kinds of foods eaten or the favourite thing of the day.

“By the end of your holiday, you will have reduced screen time, increased family
connections and have a personal collection of stories from your adventures. Our family
really enjoys looking back and reading our special memories,” says Adele.

As Dr Seuss (a man who travelled extensively all his life) once said… “Sometimes you will
never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory!”

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