Camping Made Easier with Ezy Anchor

Ezy AnchorSometimes a camping product comes on the market which is beautiful in its simplicity, and Ezy Anchor fits that description. Ezy Anchor is an easy screw in ‘tent peg’, but with a huge difference.

It comes in two parts. One is the durable, recyclable Ezy Anchor, coloured orange for greater visibility. When screwed into the ground it sits firmly to reduce trip hazards and keep your guy ropes secure, whilst minimising any risk of personal injury.

The second part is the screw peg which goes through the hole in the Ezy Anchor and secures it to the ground. This comes in two sizes to ensure that you can get it into just about any ground conditions.

Made in Australia from Australian materials, Ezy Anchor also won the Brendale Business Award in 2018 for Product Innovation.

To find out more, read the full article in Issue 30 of the What’s Up Downunder digital magazine here.

Order online at the Ezy Anchor website to make your next camping trip a breeze.