Camec’s New RV Media Evolution TV

When you’re living the good life on the road, sometimes you need to sit back and enjoy some of the best creature comforts you would usually enjoy at home. The team at Camec have thought of everything to keep you and the family entertained with the RV Media Evolution Range. 

The RV Media Evolution TV brings you the great quality you’d expect from Camec and is available in 22 and 24 inch models. Standard features of the RV Media Evolution series now include an exclusive backlit remote, 2 HDMI inputs to plug in external devices and a headphone audio output. The 24 inch model includes an inbuilt Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter which allows you to send audio from the source you are watching on the TV wirelessly to other Bluetooth enabled devices.

To find out more about the Evolution TV range from RV Media, head to your local Camec store or visit