BMPRO: Lithium Battery Knowledge Centre

In the recent five to ten years, lithium batteries have turned from a hellishly expensive option and technology of the future to the battery of choice for many caravanners. A huge interest in lithium batteries is unfortunately accompanied by the presence of a good deal of misinformation around them. To help consumers understand the lithium technology better and to make informed decisions when buying and using lithium batteries, BMPRO has launched a Lithium Knowledge Centre.

BMPRO’s Lithium Knowledge Centre covers a range of frequently asked questions on deep cycle LiFePO4 batteries, such as maintenance, charging and paralleling of lithium batteries. It also features a series of myth-busting videos presented by BMPRO brand ambassador David Bayliss and director of Sealed Performance Batteries Ryan Hammond, as well as multiple fact- based articles.

BMPRO demonstrates the longevity of lithium battery in a real-life test run at company’s premises since November 2017. The Invicta lithium battery has been connected to a Chroma tester which is discharged to 2% of its initial capacity (100Ah) and then recharged back to a 100% with a lithium compatible BMPRO battery charger profile. With roughly two cycles per day, the battery has been treated in this regime non-stop since the onset of the experiment. As a result, BMPRO demonstrates the battery discharge curve showing the decline of the full battery capacity with the quantity of cycles run. Almost three years later and after over 2,000 full discharge cycles the Invicta battery is still fully functional with marginally reduced capacity (around 82 Ah).

BMPRO Lithium Knowledge Centre is available through BMPRO website.