Aussie electric brake innovators achieve CarPlay and Android Auto Integration world first

Elecbrakes, the electric brake controller revolutionising towing in Australia and New Zealand, has today released a world first update to its electric brake controller product range that will redefine convenience and safety for thousands of Aussies when towing.

With the revolutionary new software release announced today, Elecbrakes brake controllers are now fully compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – providing a fully integrated and seamless integration with vehicle infotainment systems across both android and IoS.

Fully Integrated

The first-of-its-kind product integration enables users to connect, adjust and monitor their trailer’s braking system directly from their existing infotainment device.

For customers who do not have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, the existing app and remote-control options remain available, ensuring all users can benefit from Elecbrakes’ unique brake control system.

Backwards Compatible

With this new integration, users can seamlessly make on-the-fly adjustments, elevating their safety and attention on the road. This update is also backwards compatible across all Elecbrakes controllers, including prior models, ensuring every customer can upgrade their experiences the next level.

Integration highlights:

  • Set and forget – once all program settings are set up, it is saved permanently so users need not worry about re programming for future trips.
  • Customisable braking response: Adjustments of the brake response are customisable and have range of 0 –100 in 1% increments, enabling users to thoroughly customise the degree of breaking preferences to ensure a safe and smooth journey tailored to their desire.
  • Status indicator / Override button – A blue tick icon serves as a confirmation of a successful Bluetooth connection. During braking, the blue tick will change to a red circle, indicating a braking event. Tapping this circle at any time will activate the override function, engaging the override preset brake response to the trailer independent of the tow vehicle, thus enhancing user safety.

Engineered Locally

“Our team of incredible engineers based right here in NSW is constantly pushing the boundaries and testing new ways to continue to deliver the absolute best solution for customers – this first resulted in us developing our plug and play trailer-mounted brake controller with wireless connectivity which was revolutionary for the market.

“Now, pushing the boundaries further, our team is the first in the world to deliver full Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility in a brake controller, fully integrating with a vehicles in-built system to offer an unparalleled level of safety, convenience and system integration to users.” Craig de Leon, Founder and CEO of Elecbrakes.

Learn more about Elecbrakes Apple Carplay integration here.