Attn: Christmas Gift Guide Editors. The cracking read Dad needs this Christmas.

If Dad doesn’t read, this IS the book that will turn him into a reader! Full of laughs, politically incorrect scenarios, pubs, beer, 80s music and the Barmy Army, Terry Flynn: I Owe You One – written by Aussie author Matt Judd –  is like having a good yarn or laugh with the blokes down at the pub, and it’s the perfect gift for Dad this Christmas.

Couple the book with a pair of socks and undies or a case of his favourite beer and you’ll give Dad the perfect end to a stressful year. Even the ladies are loving Terry Flynn and the all the eyebrow-raising scenarios he gets into.

Calm, mature, forgiving, honest, stylish, and sober, Terry Flynn possesses none of these qualities. Bumbling his way through life without any real direction, knockabout Terry is the first to admit he has never achieved anything of great significance in his 44 years.

Seeking retribution from anyone he believes has wronged him is common practice, but when a degenerate gambler looks set to turn his world upside down, Terry is prompted to produce his greatest square up to date.

With an extremely short fuse and an inability to conform with modern society, it’s not going to be a walk in the park though. In fact, his best mate reckons it’s the most ludicrous scheme Terry has ever devised and only gives him a 50 to 1 chance of pulling it off!

Terry’s not concerned in the slightest, he’s just got a cranky builder, a dangerous driver, English cricket fans and an 80s television star amongst others to deal with first.

It’s going to be a few busy weeks in December, but with the help of a few friends, Terry’s going to give it a crack or go down swinging!
After observing a bloke at his favourite local pub acting strangely several times, Matt – who had wanted to write a book for over twenty years – decided that this was the guy to base his main character on. Thus, the character of Terry Flynn was born.

He kicked off writing Terry Flynn with little idea how to fill the middle. Says Judd, “My Mum had been going through breast cancer and sadly passed-away in January of 2014 at the age of 62. Like most Mums, she was just a great lady with a terrific sense of humour, and I didn’t deal with it very well. Months passed and after feeling sorry for myself and having the odd beer or ten, I realised that if I am dealing with my grief like this, how would Terry deal with it? That’s when the character of Sarah came in and the first book just grew from there”.

“And, in dedication to Mum, a percentage of any profit made is being donated to Breast Cancer Network Australia.”
Continues Judd, “I had a whole lot of fun writing this book – as hard as it was in some parts – but I hope readers get plenty of enjoyment out of this book”.

“This bloke is the loser version of Les Norton. Terry Flynn is a bloody good read; it’s the best book I’ve read by a local author this year”. Marto, Triple M Brisbane

“For an Aussie bloke who doesn’t read a lot, I couldn’t put Terry Flynn down! Ripper of a story that had me crying from laughter! Please send Terry down south for the sequel!”
Simon H. Tamworth, NSW

“Great story about the Aussie larrikin and battler. Plenty of good laughs and emotion that will have you entertained from start to finish. Hope to read more adventures about Terry.”
Mick T. Brisbane

“I wasn’t sure what I thought of Terry at first, but the cheeky bugger won me over! Absolutely loved it! Classic!” Kristy O. Brisbane

“I couldn’t put the book down. My kids kept asking me what I was laughing about! Witty writing, hilarious adventures, THE book for anyone who needs a laugh”. Anna A, Sydney

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