At the AL-KO Innovation Hub Macca was introduced to a very clever app. The simple, intuitive app for your caravan will ensures safety and comfort whilst on the road. How will this app ensure safety and comfort?

Lets start with your tyre pressure. Over 10% of accidents happen due to wheels either having a blowout or falling off whilst driving. Not to mention the number of accidents that could be avoided if tyres were correctly pressurised and the fuel efficiency-loss. Drivers are generally unaware that there is a problem with their tyres while driving. With this app you can now monitor your tyre pressures and be alerted if your pressures are too high or too low.

You can now level your caravan in minutes. No need to rely on the old spirit levels and constantly checking the ‘bubble’ after every minor adjustment. The TrailSafe app has extreme accuracy to ensure you set up your caravan with ease and precision.

Monitor the temperature in your caravan and get alerts if something is not right. Depending on where you store the sensor, you can customise the alerts to ensure temperature is maintained to your desire.

You can now sleep sound, knowing your caravan is safe. Incorporating the best features of the markets Anti-Theft systems, TrailSafe offers you the ability to know where your caravan is located along with setting up a ‘Virtual-Fence’ giving you a notification if your caravan is being moved from your marked location.

Your caravan needs love and attention to ensure you have a safe and hassle-free journey. Another amazing feature of this app, you will be reminded when your trailer is due for a service, and give you an ability to lodge service tickets to ensure your warranty is upheld by manufacturers.

TrailSafe make it very clear that this is just the beginning, this app has many more features that will be coming so stay tuned.

For more information on TrailSafe click here!