Always get Reception in your Caravan with the Foldaway TV Antenna

Don’t miss out on your favourite show while you’re on the road with Fold Away Antennas. Guaranteed to give you reception no matter where you are in Australia, as long as there is TV signal, Fold Away Antennas are Australian designed and built for better TV reception.

Specifically manufactured to the requirements of Australian Digital TV, Fold Away Antennas were also created Aussie tough for the Aussie environment. The antenna is available in two sizes. The Standard Antenna, which has a mast height of approximately 1.6m and coax cable approximately 4m, is great for caravans, pop top caravans, Hiace-Coaster motorhomes, slide on campers, Trucks and Utes. The Tall Boy Antenna has a mast height of approximately 2.1m and coax cable approximately 6m and is perfect for wind up Camper trailers, flip over Camper trailers, pop up A Vans and tall motorhomes.

Fold Away Antennas also have a range of accessories available including their direct connector/through the wall connector that, once installed, will make plugging in your TV a simple process and put an end to bad connections from corrosion and wear. This also means better quality and more consistent pictures for your Satellite, Digital, UHF and VHF reception

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