AL-KO’s ATS Z3: The Anti-Theft-System

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AL-KO showed how to keep your RV safe at all times, AL-KO with their ATS. But now they
have a brilliant new version. The ATS Z3 can do so much more than the previous models.

  • It is easy to install and runs on your 12v power supply
  • The ATS creates an ‘electronic fence’ around your RV
  • Your ATS will send a message to your phone if your RV moves, no matter where you are
  • Your ATS Z3 constantly receives your GPS position then beams it out every 15 seconds via Telstra’s 3G network
  • If you believe your RV is stolen, you can quickly notify police with your login details for rapid theft recovery
  • Your ATS will automatically tally up the kms you have travelled and can send you, or your service agent, a message when it is time for a service
  • If you lose 3G connection between phone towers, the ATS will calculate the distance between the towers, keeping a track of your trip and the distance travelled
  • You can set it to send you a message if you happen to be going over the speed limit
  • The ATS won’t run out of steam because it goes to sleep until you, or someone else, move your RV, then the ATS wakes up and sends you a message
  • If the power supply to your RV is lost or cut, the ATS will run for a limited time and let you know that the power has been cut.

No matter how you look at it, this small little bit of equipment, which was developed through a partnership between AL-KO and Black Knight, has your back. The only thing you cannot do is tell anyone where it is. Once it is installed and operating through your phone, it is set and forget.

Peace of mind is so easy these days with the AL-KO ATS Z3.