A Review of Xtend Outdoors

I have known Xtend Outdoors as Aust Wide Annexes for quite a while, but they have changed their name with their expansion into New Zealand. While they have a new name, they have not changed the high standard of their products.

Inflatable Annex

I was able to check out their wonderful inflatable annex, which is so easy to set up and such a clever idea. Instead of having poles and roof supports, you have super strong inflated air poles. The corner poles, and roof supports are inflated using a foot pump and it takes about 20 goes to inflate each air pole. Once they have been inflated they are extremely strong and will keep the annex in place with ease.

One of the best things is that all of the Xtend Outdoors products can be joined together with zips. It just takes a bit of forethought when you are adding in a new product to make it fit the existing products.


Ripstop Awning

Xtend Outdoors have a new style vinyl for their awnings. Forget the colour changes that you see in the current vinyl, this new one is just one colour. But it’s not laminated like the current ones, so it cannot delaminate. It wont shrink or stretch, it is thicker and stronger, but the big thing here is that it won’t rip.

The secret here is that it is made in very small squares, so if by any strange chance you get a cut in the vinyl, it will only go as far as the edge of that very small square. What a wonderful idea.


Xtend Outdoors is the new name to remember for all your annex and awning needs and wants.

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