$22k+ Jet Ski giveaway celebrates new Aussie yabbying innovation, the Bait Bomb by Nollsie!

Fishing or yabbying at the quarry is a much-loved tradition–so it’s no surprise that one of Australia’s country music icons brings us the perfect kit to perfect the art.

Indeed, Australian Idol royalty Shannon Noll is courting new fans with the Bait Bomb by Nollsie, a mess-free bait catch that’s locally-made and Aussie designed.

Suitable for different targets and baits, the Bait Bomb by Nollsie features a removeable mesh for containing fleshier bait and larger lattice for containing pellets.

What’s more, it’s shaped like a coldie to fit alongside your bait in a six-pack Esky.

Nollsie competition

Fishing, a family pursuit

Shannon’s passion for fishing stems from family tradition.

“My grandparents lived on the creek near Condo and we used to grab his old rods out of the shed and grab some worms out of Grandmum’s veggie patch and race down to try and catch some fish!

“We would catch mainly carp but every now and then we might catch a cod and keep it for dinner!”

These days, he finds it a great way to connect with the kids.

“I have always taken the kids fishing over the years and I’ve found it to be a great way to spend quality time with the them while teaching them a skill they can then use the rest of their lives!”

2022 Sea Doo FishPro Scout 130 – up for grabs!

A true water baby, Shannon marks the release of this brand new innovation with an awesome competition open to fishing fans who purchase a Bait Bomb by Nollsie 6 pack.

Up for grabs is a 2022 Sea Doo FishPro Scout 130 supplied with a trailer to get you going and on-road costs. Check out the terms and conditions for more.