Fraser Coast beauty joins Kui Parks family of individually-owned parks!

Nora and Dan, the proud owners of Trinity Islands Holiday Park nestled along the serene banks of the Burrum River in Queensland, have embarked on an exciting journey. Their remarkable caravanning odyssey across Australia and their commitment to providing guests with cherished life experiences are the hallmarks of their new ownership.

Caravanners themselves!

Their caravaning journey, a rich tapestry of adventures, has been a remarkable expedition across Australia’s diverse landscapes. From navigating the country with their children, Mary and George, to exploring various jobs across different regions, their journey was a testament to understanding, tolerance, and acceptance. From tending cows in Queensland’s dairy farms to managing a caravan park in Western Australia, Nora and Dan have woven their experiences into the fabric of Trinity Islands Holiday Park.

Campfire Conversations, Kayaking & More

Trinity Islands Holiday Park, the latest park to join the Kui Parks family, epitomizes tranquillity amidst nature’s bounty. Nestled on the picturesque Burrum River, the park is a haven for life’s simple pleasures—campfire conversations, leisurely card games, and the enchanting sounds of nature. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in a world where fishing, kayaking, and encounters with native wildlife create moments to cherish.

The Fraser Coast, a treasure trove of experiences, beckons visitors to Trinity Islands Holiday Park. From the majestic whale watching in Hervey Bay to the eco-experiences at Lady Elliot Island and the flavoursome delights of Bundaberg’s rum and ginger beer, there’s a spectrum of adventures to be explored. Hiking, beach driving, and the allure of K’gari’s pristine landscapes offer an intimate connection with nature’s splendour.

Fresh eyes for Trinity Islands Holiday Park

At Trinity Islands Holiday Park, they’re commitment is to fulfill the expectations that Kui Parks’ members seek: a clean, friendly, well-maintained, and value-for-money destination. They pride themselves on meeting these criteria, ensuring that their park not only checks all the boxes but also becomes a coveted destination on every traveller’s list for their next adventure.

Nora and Dan have exciting plans in the pipeline, all aimed at enhancing the guest experience at Trinity Islands Holiday Park. They eagerly anticipate welcoming guests to their park, inviting them to enjoy a relaxing stay and create enduring memories amidst the natural wonders of the Fraser Coast.

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