Wikicamps goes G’Day!

Report by Alison Huth, Editor at Large

Grant Wilckens, CEO of G’Day Parks announced via YouTube that the G’Day Parks Chain have bought Wikicamps.

Over the past few years Wikicamps has been the go-to place for campers and caravanners to find the best points of interest, freecamps, camping grounds and caravan parks. Trip planning has been a main feature for users.

The ability for Wikicamps users to add points of interest and places to stay has ensured that Wikicamps remained a user friendly site. Users are able to add places to see and stay
making it a very ‘down up’ platform.

Wikicamps Developers Russ, Cliff and their families say “After 10 years of building this
amazing camping community we, Cliff, myself and out families -have made the difficult
decision to sell the Wikicamps App.

Grant Wilckens, an existing Wikicamps user, announced this new acquisition and ensured that Wikicamps would remain user friendly. It’s time to upgrade the app and platform without removing the vital information and ease of use the users enjoy.

“I can ensure that we have absolutely no interesting in changing the way the platform
works.” Grant stressed in the video link he posted. He also stated that Wikicamps data will
not be used as a marketing tool.

“Russ will be staying on as the Community Consultant to help provide feedback along the
way.” The future looks great for the Wikicamps community.