The big question right now – Have you got any fuel?

It would be reasonable to say that, in Northern Australia around 85% of the vehicles on the road are towing or have the camping gear. This is an unprecedented season.

Staff levels are low, customers levels are high and the side effect of that is that remote, or even vaguely remote areas are running out of fuel. No diesel for most of us on the road means no travel.

I know people who are sitting and waiting in remote areas for the planned fuel delivery so they can fill their tanks, move on and hope that the next fuel stop has fuel.

There’s not much that you can do about this. Fuel Stations can only carry so much fuel, deliveries are pre-scheduled so getting extra can be difficult.

Don’t blame the business, it’s just another unthought of side effect of Covid and the number of Aussies who are taking the opportunity to see this amazing country of ours – by caravan.

By Alison Huth