Stress free on Plan B

The AdventuringPals take a break from those ‘must-do’ expectations.

Life on the road is a fun, exciting and awe-inspiring journey! From the moment we set off, we are constantly seeking out to accomplish ‘must-see’ destinations, ‘must-do’ experiences, and check more off that never ending bucket list. It can be exhilarating at times but also overwhelming and stressful at other times.

Added hurdles such as travelling through busy tourist seasons can really bring the good times to a halt. Here’s how we

Busier than usual

Currently, due to COVID-19, we are experiencing a bumper tourist season, with more and more caravanners travelling on the road and most caravan parks not seeing such volumes of tourists for a prolonged time. Normally we don’t pre-plan our journey as we like to have freedom and flexibility of where we stay and also because we just aren’t that organised.

This has been a major setback during school holidays when all accommodation options are booked out from months prior. Remote destinations are most affected as accommodation is already limited and fills up quickly.

Always on the phone 

We have had to seriously reconsider some attractions as we just weren’t sure we would have accommodation available to us, even in the form of a free camp, after the long drive into remote Australia. We were constantly on our phones and online, trying to see what’s available and calling numerous places, numerous times for numerous dates only to be told: no vacancy.

It was a stressful experience and one that detracted us from what we set out to do–have a holiday. So we opted out. Overcoming our fear-of-missing-out and abandoning those plans lifted a big burden off our shoulders.

Camping longer, closer in 

We put our phones down, picked a nice beach campsite, equally as busy, but not remote. We arrived early for a better chance to secure a spot and chose to stay there for the remainder of the holidays.

Instead of stressing and losing sleep over trying to get into popular attractions we kicked back and enjoyed the beach camp, made new friends and made the most of our down time.

Sustaining sustained travel 

Travel life can be full on, we just have to remind ourselves to take a break and pace ourselves. Living fast paced and adventure packed with things to do every day can be exhausting and stressful. It’s important to consider our physical and mental capabilities to make our journey an enjoyable but sustainable one.

After all, it’s always about the journey and not the destination that counts. Happy travels!

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