Self-drive tourism, recreational vehicles and your career

No doubt about it, the self-drive touring industry is booming.

And if you’re passionate about travel, engineering, marketing or design, or enjoy people or working with your hands, opportunities abound—no matter where you sit within your career.

What’s Up Downunder executive producer Warren Parrot in partnership with Caravan Industry Victoria (CIV) chairs this fabulous Caravan Industry Jobs round table.

And sitting in for CIV is Daniel Sahlberg general manager of operations, who explains to us the different sectors within the industry and the fabulous scope to move around within it. 



At the table, we welcome Steven Wright CEO, BIG4 Holiday Parks Australia.

Formerly the lead counsel for the Australian Grand Prix and later the CEO, Steven reveals how the holiday park sector utilised his experience and ignited his passions.

Steven talks about marketing, organisation and operational opportunities at park level, under a brand—like BIG4—and at a corporate level as well. 

His insightful commentary reveals how this dynamic industry leverages specialised skills.



Lisa Georgakis aftermarket sales and marketing manager for Thetford Australia sheds light on what it means to work with a subsidiary under an international organisation.

Nine months into her role, Lisa is new to the caravan industry previously working at the Head Office in Telstra. 

We learn how Lisa made it here, her impressions of the caravan parts and service sector and the rewards that come with the role.

Lisa also gives us a quick breakdown of some of the key positions that exist nationally within this established reputable subsidiary and the opportunities around the globe.



‘Back in the day’, caravan dealerships were small affairs but as customer expectations changed, opportunities emerged.

Indeed, six of the 44 people hired at Bayswater Jayco take on what you’d call a traditional ‘caravan salesperson’ role.

Bayswater Jayco managing director Rob Bury cut his teeth in the caravan industry, but spent 20 years working in the automotive industry before returning back to the fold. 

Hear about all the different opportunities existing at your local caravan dealership, encompassing parts sales and servicing and repairs.



Finally, we chat with Tilly Rexhepi, Retreat’s general manager of operations. 

Tilly joined Retreat in search of a better work/life balance—only discovering the potential awaiting when he stepped onto the caravan manufacturer’s factory floor.

Hear how Tilly rose through the ranks, moving through departments to help Retreat Caravans improve and grow.


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