Self-Contained Fires

Fire pits can be heavy…are they worth it? The Adventuring Pals take a closer look..

There’s nothing quite like relaxing by a campfire after a day’s travelling or adventuring. However, campfires come with a lot of restrictions, such as when and where you can have them, where you can collect firewood and also the ongoing problem of weight and space in your camping setup. Is it even worth carrying a fire pit around on your travels?

This would of course depend on how much you like having that fire and for us it’s a must, so I’m going to show you why we still carry around 12kgs of fire pit as well as a few downsides just to be unbiased.

Why Fires are Special? 

The biggest upside is that campfires are multi purpose and practical. Not only do they provide ambience but are useful for warmth, keeping mozzies away, cooking food, toasting marshmallows and providing a central point of attraction and entertainment when you go to remote locations.


A big downside is the extra weight and space. You can get some pretty lightweight fire pits now with some weighing less than 1 kg and folding up into a very small bag, but our current fire pit (and we have had a few different ones) comes in at just under 12kgs and it packs up to approximately 45cm x 45 cm x 5cm. It includes an adjustable cooking grill, stand and base plate and that is why it’s heavy.

Fires, Without the Pit 

What about ground fires? Seems like a logical solution, but can you imagine if everyone made a ground fire wherever they wanted? It’s probably why a lot of places don’t allow ground fires.

Then there’s the existing ground fire pit. This does work well and quite often we utilise them if they are located at our campsite; however, they don’t always work out to where you need them. After all, there are a lot of different camp setups with varying layouts so what suits one setup will not always work out for everyone.

Another reason is even if there is a suitable pit where you want it, it may not be suitable to cook on as I’m sure we have all witnessed some people do strange things in fires out there, like throw in their rubbish including bottles, cans and plastics. All things you don’t ideally want to cook your dinner over.

Less Fuel 

Some places you just simply can’t have a fire and that’s ok, but when we were able to, we really did enjoy having our own portable fire which we could cook on and even move around if needed. It elevates the fire

off the ground so we find you don’t need as big of a fire to get warm and you don’t damage the ground or grass underneath.