CruisemasterTM the manufacturer of the DO35 coupling is warning the public to be aware of non-compliant counterfeit copies of their premium DO35 coupling. These copies are of the previous V2 version of the coupling which ceased production June 2017 with the release of the V3.

The first copies were identified at the Adelaide show February 2018 and upon discussions between CruisemasterTM and the camper trailer importer they were removed, however the company is aware of people trying to sell the counterfeit copy to other camper and caravan manufacturers.

The counterfeit coupling identified in Adelaide had no manufacturer’s details which makes the coupling non-compliant. It also had a copy of the Logo normally used by CruisemasterTM on their DO35 coupling’s; it is believed that the coupling infringes Cruisemaster’sTM intellectual property.

Among a number of signs suggesting this counterfeit is of far inferior quality, the coupling had been assembled incorrectly with the receiver on back to front.

Chris Goddard the Managing Director of CruisemasterTM stated that if used on the road this non-compliant counterfeit coupling could be a serious safety risk. CruisemasterTM products are renowned for their engineering and quality and have to pass the toughest engineering test programs in the industry before release.

Cruisemaster advises anybody who has recently bought or ordered a product with a DO35 couplingto check that it is the genuine article and if not please ring CruisemasterTM on 07 3624 3800.

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