Jayde’s Essential Extras

Although the 23.3ft off grid triple-bunk package was comprehensive there were a few things I wanted to add to meet the needs of our family. Here is a list of the things I have added inside the caravan to make touring life easier and simpler:

  1. Front window above master bed for extra ventilation
  2. Power hatch above the toilet for extra ventilation
  3. Double step (my short legs struggled with a single step) 224L fridge. This is a full height fridge and every family needs a bigger fridge especially when living off-grid for so long
  4. Gas heater. We previously had a gas heater and it was the best thing for those cold days and nights
  5. TV Power-point and bracket in kids bunk area (for the Nintendo that they are not bringing)
  6. A hinged door in lieu and of a sliding door in the kids bunk area. (This may be changed to a concertina door we are not sure yet)
  7. Sirocco fans in all banks so everyone gets a fan
  8. Delete the oven and add a pot drawer. I never used my oven in the previous van, and everyone knows that storage is gold in a caravan
  9. Leather pouches to kids bunks to keep their bedrooms tidy
  10. Pull out rubbish bin (I am sick and tired of having a plastic bag hanging over the edge of my cupboards)
  11. 4kg washing machine (with three kids you need the biggest washing machine possible)
  12. No crossed stitching or diamond stitching, only smooth leather. It is so much easier to clean
  13. An extra Sirocco fan in the master bedroom
  14. Four Seasons hatches
  15. Fans to be black (I found my white fans stained)
  16. Extra hatch in kids bunk area (extra ventilation)
  17. Leather pouch next to fridge (again, keeping things tidy for schoolwork)
  18. Full height pantry next to fridge which means our lounge has to be a little shorter (storage)
  19. Shelves in master cupboards. This makes storing your clothes much easier and gives you lots more room

Well, that’s just the internal list that I’ve come up with so far. I’ve still got 8 weeks before manufacturing starts and I’m sure I will have a few extras to add by the time it begins.