I’m A Little Keen on the On The Move Vortex Black Edition….


What do you get when you match an electrician with a passion for caravans with an interior designer? A match made in heaven and the On The Move Caravan’s Vortex is proof of just that.

Lennie and Jennifer Mifsud’s humble beginnings in the caravan building sphere started in 2006 when Lennie decided he was going to build a caravan that was perfect for his family and his boat on their inaugural trip to the Northern Territory.  He’d had some experience, tinkering with caravan building with his father as a boy, the passion was evident.



Jennifer’s talent in interior design is there in every nook and cranny. This van feels so spacious, is so modern and well thought out. The finishes are impeccable and what’s really special is it is different. The monochromatic finishes are so crisp, the use of black is done just right.

The result of this coupling, an innovative company that produces beautiful caravans that are proudly Australian owned and built.

There are two specific vans in the On The Move Series but it was the special Vortex Black Edition we were fortunate enough to take on a trip and therefore go over it with a fine-tooth comb. The end results – it speaks for itself.

Oh, and what else came with the On The Move Vortex for us and our crew – an amazing feast put on by Lennie. This was a great trip. You can catch up on the episode by jumping on the 10Play or www.whatsupdownunder.com.au