Has There Been a Better Time to Sell Your Caravan?

Selling a caravan isn’t just a matter of deciding then going for it, it takes some forethought if you’re wanting to get the best result you can get.

In this video, Macca runs through the all-important steps to selling a van. It might be the difference between you getting a good price or a GREAT price for your van. Plus it ensures the buyer will also be happy you’ve taken the right steps to look after them as well.

There are various sites you can advertise your caravan, campervan or RV. Right now www.caravancamplingclassifieds.com.au is offering listings for free to private sellers up until the end of July 2020. But look around, advertising on various sites will reap more leads one would think.

As Macca says, there’s never been a better time to sell your old van and upgrading to a new one.