Get to know Macca with Dometic!

We all know and love Macca, the face of Australia’s What’s Up Downunder, however we usually find him asking all the questions rather than answering them! Julia from Dometic has turned the table on Caravan Industry News’ reporter and took her turn in the reporters chair.

J: How did you come into this great Industry?
M: I grew up in a family that loved their camping…it’s always been apart of my life. One day I had to make a DVD about Camper Trailer and someone saw it and said “How would you like to host a TV Show?”

J: Where is your favourite holiday destination?
M: That is my most commonly asked question, it depends what part of the year. If it was the dead of winter, put me in the Kimberley. I absolutely love it there, it hasn’t been loved to death so it is still beautiful. For Summer, put me in the Victorian High Country. In Spring time, Fraser Island and the rest of the time…send me anywhere you want because everywhere is awesome!

J: What about your favourite city in Australia?
M: Darwin. Darwin is my favourite capital city in Australia because it is kind of like a big country town but really multicultural. As far as food and cultural experiences, it’s all there and I just love it.

J: Do you camp still? What type of camping do you like to do and where?
M: Yep. I just roll out a swag. It’s just nice and simple, it doesn’t take up much room without having to tow anything. I love nothing more than waking up at 2 o’clock in the morning in the swag, looking up to the stars.

J: Other than presenting, what else to you love doing?
M: It’s funny, I probably spend at least 10 months of the year on the road. As far as having too many other pass times, I do most of them on my travel. I love fishing…I love nothing more than sitting round the fire with friends. I love catching up with my daughter too when I am not travelling.

J: Is there a Dometic product that has knocked your socks off?
M: I have got to say the fridges. They are becoming more efficient and all user friendly…they all have a purpose. I get a lot of enjoyment out of a cold beer in the afternoon!