Fake voicemail links prompting malware warning

Have you received unsolicited texts with links to a so-called ‘voicemail message’? 

“Immediately delete this text and do NOT open the link,” says Snr Sergeant Darryn Cooper for Bayside Police, who distributed the warning to a local Neighbourhood Watch group.

“If this link is opened, it will direct you to a site where malware will be downloaded [onto your phone],” the Snr Sergeant explains.

Snr Sergeant Darryn Cooper was told that the messages may contain poor spelling or broken English to avoid spam filters.


If installed, the malicious malware may access your contacts, send and receive texts and make calls, says the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) as reported by ABC triple J HACK

According to that same report, if you receive a SCAM text, the ACCC recommends: 

  • Do not click the link and delete the text message AND
  • Do not call back the individual who sent the text as they are unlikely to be the scammer 

“It is possible their device is not infected and their number has been spoofed,” says the ACCC advice.


“If you have installed the malware, contact your bank and ensure your accounts are secure and contact an IT professional,” advises the ACCC.

You can also:

  • Make a report to ReportCyber if you have been a victim of this cybercrime.
  • You can also report to Scamwatch here.
  • If you have lost personal information to a scammer and are concerned you can contact IDCARE or call 1800 595 160.


Geoff Bransbury, Vice President for the Neighbourhood Watch Chapter who notified Caravan Industry News of the scam, advised friends of the following: 

“These scams catch us because they seem so reasonable.

“The message is to ALWAYS be ALERT, NEVER click on a link in an email or phone unless you are 100% confident that the link is genuine.”

Neighbourhood Watch