Complaining: How much is too much?

What is it about complaining in today’s world? There is so much of it, and it we’re hearing more and more of it over the past years.

I reckon some of it comes from people being able to open a Facebook page, join a group or whatever, and have a go at anyone they want. Why? What on earth does that achieve in the scheme of things?

It’s not just social media, let me tell you a couple of stories from our caravan park days.

Reception vs Perception

We were on the edge of decent TV reception, and lots of people like to watch TV when they’re away in their van. I understand that, I like to see what the
world is up to when I am away. Because we knew we had a problem, Peter set up a system where we could connect anyone into our aerial system. We even went to the trouble of making some cords to lend to people if they didn’t have one of their own.

Please notice that I said ‘lend’. We did not charge, it was all free and simply done to help people with their TV connection.

Well, one day a guest came in and complained that his TV wasn’t getting good reception and what we were going to do about it. So, we lent him a cord and showed him where the connection was in the powerhead. All very simple. He came in just before he left, no happier than when he had arrived and handed back the cord. I did the normal thank you and hope you had a good stay. Grump, nothing, just left the office.

Later that day there was a nasty comment on our page complaining that the park was no good because he could only access good TV using the system we had set up and he had to use our free cord to do it. You know, I am still trying to work that one out. If you have an idea of what it all means, please let me know.

Stop right there! 

Another one was our hill and our roads. Our park was on the Blackall Range, 400m higher than the surrounding coast. Not massive in the scheme of hills, but sufficient for some
to refuse to come because they have a fear of hills. That’s perfectly fine, it’s not complaining, it is a phobia.

But, a couple arrived in their Kombi, not young but very happy with their Kombi. At the time they arrived there were roadworks so the usual delays. Our Range Road is only one lane each way except for a very short overtaking part at Dulong. If you know the area, you know what I am talking about.

They drove up, checked in, she was not happy. She wasn’t too fond of hills, no phobia, just not that keen. Add in the roadworks and she was angry–with me! Yep, obviously all my fault. But, the one thing you learn when you are running your own business and dealing with customers is that there are external reasons that make them unhappy. So,
I didn’t get shirty, I just smiled my best smile. They stayed, she calmed down and they enjoyed their stay.

Ten years later they turned up again. Same Kombi, same hill, and sadly same roadworks. Peter was in the office for that one. Boy, was she annoyed. She had only been there twice and each time there were roadworks. She was never coming again.