Built Strong, Beautifully Finished, It’s The JB Marlin

There has never been a better time to get into a caravan from JB Caravans, thats exactly why we decided that the JB Caravans Marlin is one of our Best of the Best and is a perfect fit for our Go Make Some Memories Convoy.

Made from fibre glass walls and one piece fibre glass roof, European double glazed windows, triple lock entry door, the Marlin is as strong as it is luxurious. Using only Australian 3.2mm thick tube steel, JB Caravans manufactures all chassis in their own facility, ensuring only the best quality from start to finish.

The interior is finished with premium laminate bench tops, CNC contemporary furniture, Buttonless door handles, splashbacks in a range of colours, exclusive wall colours and so much more.

Built strong on the outside and beautifully finished on the inside, The Marlin is designed to impress any type of caravan enthusiast. The Marlin is available in touring and family bunk layouts, we were lucky enough to take the family bunk with us on our convoy.


Take a virtual tour of the incredible Marlin Caravan here!